Kathryn Raaker, host of the Chef, You and I.Hi, I am Kathryn Raaker, host of The Chef You and I. Each week I have the chance to work in all kinds of kitchens! From main street restaurants to neighborhood homes, I talk and cook with some of the finest chefs and cooks around. Sometimes bring you into my kitchen where I share what I’ve learned about cooking and eating healthy alternatives. I strive to help you learn to cook good foods a little healthier. But my main goal is to entertain you with new ideas, recipes and ways to serve food that is good for your body (and soul!).

I have always loved to cook and I want you to feel the passion as you and I learn from pastry chefs, sous chefs, gourmet chefs and even ordinary cooks who are some of the best chefs!  On the Chef You and I the mission is to teach others how to cook everything from old time family favorites, to learning how to juice or to prepare Vegan, Gluten Free or to create Raw dishes. Together we will travel around the globe to find new and exciting recipes to prepare for you, my audience.

The other challenge is to take heavy calorie entrees or desserts and prepare them lighter with less calories. Sometimes it could be as simple as changing the oils, going from regular to light products or switching to Organic, I want to make it as easy as possible to learn how to cook healthier.

So join me every week on The Chef You and I show and learn how easy it is to cook healthier. This season we will be traveling and visiting chefs and cooks in their restaurants and homes around the world and featuring their favorite recipes, on The Chef, YOU and I!